As promised- Here is a breakfast option to use the fresh homemade yogurt that I made recently. This is a quick and easy recipe idea for breakfast, as a light snack or pudding.

You will need one banana, freshly made yogurt and 1-2 spoons of runny honey

Home made yogurt, runny honey and ripe banana ingredients

Slice the banana into bite-sized pieces and put into a dessert bowl

Peel the banana and sliced into small bite sized pieces

Add 5-6 spoons of homemade natural yogurt on top of the banana pieces.

Add 5-6 spoons of freshly made yogurt into the dessert bowl

Add 2 spoons of runny honey and that’s it

Complete the dessert by adding 2 spoons of runny honey on top of the natural yogurt and sliced banana

Ready to eat in a minute and truly yummy.

Try it! I’ve been having this for breakfast for the last few mornings and it really fills me up for a few hours until lunchtime. Plus it’s easy to eat it while you’re browsing your morning schedule or emails as you plan for the day.